Why Appalachia


Where we choose to farm is as intentional as how.


Eastern Kentucky is a region of hard work, tenacity, and ingenuity, with a workforce rooted in faith and grit. It will persevere.

As a registered Benefit Corporation, AppHarvest is an advocate of using business as a force for good. Being a registered Benefit Corporation demonstrates our commitment to empowering our neighbors in Appalachia, driving positive environmental change in the agriculture industry, and improving the lives of our employees and community at large.

The Benefit Corporation framework aligns directly with our goal to promote a future of sustainable change in the agriculture industry. We believe that the agriculture industry is ripe with opportunities to reduce water consumption and pesticide use. We constantly seek ways to improve our company's internal sustainability performance and reduce the impact we have on our planet. As a Benefit Corporation, AppHarvest believes business is the most powerful way to create social and environmental change.

We are working with some of the strongest leaders in the industry and the region to bring our vision to life. AppHarvest has created a framework to sell and distribute our produce to the top 25 grocers nationally. This model will bring a significant amount of agricultural production back to the United States, creating a regional source for fresh food coming from Appalachia. Our partnerships with educational institutions reflect our goal to establish the region as a hub for AgTech technology and expertise. Collaborations with employment agencies and social services groups, such as Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program and Goodwill, reflect a commitment to providing quality employment opportunities.

AppHarvest proudly served as the lead sponsor of TEDxCorbin, the first of the independently organized events dedicated to "ideas worth spreading" to be held in Eastern Kentucky. The company organized a workshop on developing resilient economies and served leafy greens grown in the AppHarvest container farm by students enrolled in the Shelby Valley High School agricultural entrepreneurs course.