AppHarvest is committed to making Eastern Kentucky the high-tech greenhouse capital of the U.S.

The agricultural startup will break ground on its first greenhouse project in Summer 2018. The company selected Pikeville, Kentucky due to its geographic location and access to nearly 70% of the U.S. population within a day's drive. Utilizing revolutionary growing techniques, AppHarvest will supply sustainable produce to consumers nationally.


We're partnering with Dalsem Greenhouse Projects for construction and installation.


No pesticides

Our integrated pest management system removes harsh chemical pesticides from the equation.

Non-GMO seeds

What we grow is what you get -- no health-harming genetic modifications necessary. 


80% less water

Our greenhouse will operate using 80% less water than that typical open field agriculture.

Diesel fuel use reduced by 75%

Our location positions us to use ¼ of the transportation fuel compared to produce shipped cross country from the US west-coast and Mexico.